Istio missing from Rancher UI Cluster Tools after installing Rancher Monitering

Hi there, I’m facing an issue which leads to Istio disappearing from Cluster tools even in the local cluster which Rancher Server installed. I have seen the same issue from my prev installation, so I did reinstall Racher Server into a new EKS cluster. I did see istio available at first in the cluster tools of the local cluster after fresh installation. Then, I went head to create a new custom K8S cluster with RKE using EC2 computes, let’s called rke-dev. I did also see istio available in the rke-dev cluster at first. However, after I installed Monitoring into the rke-dev cluster, it happened again, the istio is disappearing from both rke-dev and local clusters! Has anyone know what the issue is?

Rancher is in version v.2.6.5

  • local cluster:
    Provider: Amazon EKS
    Kubernetes Version: v1.22.6
  • rke-dev cluster:
    Provider: RKE
    Kubernetes Version: v1.23.rancher1-1

Thanks, Sang