Jaeger span tracing not working in istio

I had enable Istio and tracing but it seem Jaeger only see Jaeger Query itself and Istio Gateway only but I cant tracing my service that written in Java Spring boot I had try intercept header and propagate b tracing header but it seem didnt work but traffic in Kiali show that request had gone to Istio Telemetry ?
Do I need to install client library something like that?
Because on Azure Kubernetes with Istio 1.6 it work perfectly fine.
Do you had any advice?
Thank you in advance

I found this that resolved my problem:

  1. When the Bookinfo application is up and running, access http://$GATEWAY_URL/productpage one or more times to generate trace information.To see trace data, you must send requests to your service. The number of requests depends on Istio’s sampling rate. You set this rate when you install Istio.
    The default sampling rate is 1%. You need to send at least 100 requests before the first trace is visible. To send a 100 requests to the productpage service, use the following command:
$ for i in $(seq 1 100); do curl -s -o /dev/null "http://$GATEWAY_URL/productpage"; done