Trace service dependency with jaeger

I am trying istio from catalog app on rancher2.
after deploying bookinfo app kiali console found the interaction of bookinfo.
But currently istio-tracing(jaeger) only shows monitoring of itself.

What should I do next?

Here are steps I take.
deploy istio from catalog.

istio yaml file

defaultImage: true
global.tag: 1.0.5
global.imagePullSecrets: ""
grafana.image.repository: grafana/grafana
grafana.image.tag: 5.2.3
mixer.prometheusStatsdExporter.tag: v0.6.0
tracing.jaeger.tag: '1.5'
prometheus.tag: v2.3.1
global.hyperkube.tag: v1.7.6_coreos.0
kiali.tag: v0.10
certmanager.tag: v0.3.1
gateways.istio-ingressgateway.type: NodePort
gateways.istio-egressgateway.type: ClusterIP
tracing.enabled: true
tracing.service.type: NodePort
tracing.ingress.enabled: 'false'
kiali.enabled: true
kiali.ingress.enabled: 'false'
kiali.service.type: NodePort
certmanager.enabled: true
prometheus.enabled: true
prometheus.service.nodePort.enabled: true
prometheus.service.nodePort.port: ""
grafana.enabled: 'false'
grafana.service.type: NodePort admin changeme
grafana.persistence.enabled: 'false'
grafana.persistence.size: 5Gi
grafana.persistence.storageClass: ""

I found this in the documentation:

  1. When the Bookinfo application is up and running, access http://$GATEWAY_URL/productpage one or more times to generate trace information.To see trace data, you must send requests to your service. The number of requests depends on Istio’s sampling rate. You set this rate when you install Istio.

The default sampling rate is 1%. You need to send at least 100 requests before the first trace is visible. To send a 100 requests to the productpage service, use the following command:

$ for i in $(seq 1 100); do curl -s -o /dev/null "http://$GATEWAY_URL/productpage"; done