Just to confirm, I can switch cluster managers?

I’m using Rancher to manage a personal environment with various apps I use for my own projects. I’m interested in playing with Kubernetes to see how I like it, and if it’d be a better fit for my more critical Rancher environments.

I think I can edit the environment, click a new cluster manager and have the existing stacks converted to the related k8s primitives. Is this true? I think it’s also true for services deployed from the catalog, and would still let me deploy catalog services that get converted to k8s?

Just wanted to check before going ahead with the experiment. :slight_smile: Thanks.

No, any services started in a Cattle environment will not be converted to k8s primitives. Currently, we do not support that feature to be able to switch environments that have existing services in it.

Got it. Assuming I recreate the personal environment in k8s, can I still install services from the Rancher catalog? Unfortunately I don’t have any HW to experiment for myself.


Switching works, but mixing them is generally confusing so it’s not really shown in the UI and is not what I call “supported”. (You can actually use all three simultaneously if enabled from the API.)

There are separate catalog folders for each orchestration with different sets of templates/applications in them. The catalog UI will only show those for the selected one. And the Swarm/K8s ones are new so they don’t have very much in them.