K3s Release - v0.3.0

Release v0.3.0

K3s v0.3.0 continues to focus on delivering important enhancements and bug fixes found by our community. Users now have greater control over where and how they deploy k3s, including the ability to install in environments lacking Internet access.

Features and Enhancements

  • Airgap support with helm and preinstalled images [#166] - Support static helm charts through the API server and loading container images on agents. See our documentation for details on how to perform airgap installations.
  • Add --tls-san flag for API server cert validation [#200] - Support alternate names for cert generation to avoid API cert issues.
  • Add --resolv-conf flag for custom kubelet DNS configuration [#53] - Support configuring custom DNS resolvers or using the host system’s resolv.conf configuration. If the host system’s resolv.conf doesn’t supply any viable resolvers, intelligently fallback to (Google Public DNS).
  • Update to kubernetes v1.13.5 - This upgrade from v1.13.4 addresses Kubernetes CVE-2019-9946 and CVE-2019-1002101.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the k3s service load balancer will not be created if the port name is longer than 15 characters #90
  • Fixed an issue where k3s does not ignore empty yaml documents in a manfest #222
  • Fixed an issue where k3s may not run with selinux, the installer will now add selinux permissions #227
  • Fixed an issue where k3s deployment manifests are created even if --no-deploy is specified #230