K3s Release - v0.4.0

Release v0.4.0

K3s v0.4.0 provides important enhancements and bug fixes found by our community. Users continue to have greater control over how k3s is configured and improved default configurations for ease of use.

Features and Enhancements

  • Update to kubernetes v1.14.1 - Upgraded from Kubernetes v1.13.5 [changelog]. This Kubernetes upgrade moves pid limiting to beta and is enabled by default, which may not be supported by all kernels. K3s will auto-detect cgroup pids support and add flags as needed if the pids module is not available. [#335]
  • Add --bind-address flag for API server [#214] - Support custom bind address for kubernetes API server to bind to.
  • Add --cluster-domain flag for custom kubelet and DNS configuration [#267] - Support configuring custom DNS cluster domains.
  • Add --flannel-iface flag for agent [#72] - Support custom flannel interface.
  • Add passthrough args [#290] - Support for overriding k3s default arguments or passing custom arguments to Kubernetes processes:
   --kube-apiserver-arg value          Customized flag for kube-apiserver process
   --kube-scheduler-arg value          Customized flag for kube-scheduler process
   --kube-controller-arg value         Customized flag for kube-controller-manager process
   --kubelet-arg value                 (agent) Customized flag for kubelet process
   --kube-proxy-arg value              (agent) Customized flag for kube-proxy process
  • Initial metrics-server support [#252] - Configures aggregation layer so metrics server can be launched and metrics scraped. Future enhancements will remove need for a custom metrics server deployment.
  • Add experimental rootless support - Provides --rootless flag for running k3s agent as a user.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where k3s may not connect to the API server when using proxy settings [#325]