K3s Release - v0.5.0

Release v0.5.0

K3s v0.5.0 continues to provide important bug fixes and enhancements from our community and developers. Default configurations are regularly being improved along with enhancements for usability. Another big thank you to the community for the ongoing support and contributions!

Features and Enhancements

  • Add --pause-image flag [#83] - Support for configuring custom containerd pause image.
  • Add ability to customize config.toml.tmpl [#331] - Support for custom containerd templated configurations.
  • Add node scheduling rules for load balancer [#333] - Support adding a svccontroller.k3s.cattle.io/enablelb label to preferred load balancing nodes.
  • Ignore extraneous files in manifest folder [#280] - Only process manifest files which end in .yml, .yaml, or .json, and are not hidden (ie no leading period).
  • Enhancements for metrics-server [#328] - Automatic coredns node registration and use webhook authorization with kubelet default route binding.
  • Add hostname check to agent startup [#321] - Produce error and early exit if node hostname is not resolvable.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where k3s needed extra flags to use CNI network plugin in docker mode [#255]
  • Fixed an issue where k3s could not install from helm stable with a proxy set up [#308]
  • Fixed an issue where k3s would not log to stdout fatal/error/warning messages from klog [#79]
  • Fixed an issue where k3s could not create ISCSI or NFS mounts on some systems [#103]
  • Fixed an issue where k3s would not correctly parse pass-through args with maps [#343]
  • Fixed an issue where k3s would not start unless the nf_conntrack module was loaded [#364]
  • Fixed an issue where k3s systemd install may not wait for network to be online after reboot [#367]