keyboard acts strange under hyper-v

We are running SLES 11.3 as a virtual machine under Windows 2012 Hyper-V. On some of the VM’s the keyboard acts strange when I open a console session. If I open a gnome terminal and type in anything whatever I type in is underlined. If I run the VI editor and enter ‘x’ to delete a character, I have to hit the enter key for it to work. If I open a Konsole terminal anything I type is has a black background. If I open an xterm console anything I type in appears in a little popup window until I hit the enter key. We have another SLES server at the same release level and it does not have those problems, but I can’t see what is different between them. I tried copying the keyboard, windowmanager, and displaymanager from the ‘good’ server to the ‘bad’ one, but that had no effect.


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