kiwi config to create AWS HVM AMI

I am trying to build HVM image for SUSE 11 SP3 using kiwi tool.

There are few basic questions:

  1. Do we have kiwi example somewhere for building SUSE 11 SP3 HVM EC2 image for AWS?
    My SUSE 11 SP3 machine has kiwi version v5.05.26 installed.
    I checked few places but the example is given for opensuse not SUSE 11 SP3. Is it fine to try them out with repo change?…l/doc/examples

When I try to give firmware as ec2hvm, it fails with unsupported firmware. May be I can upgrade the kiwi?

  1. Is it mandatory to use kiwi in the same version SUSE build machine? Or can we use any latest opensuse machine as my build machine(where we can use latest kiwi version to support ec2hvm firmware).

  2. For building the HVM AMI, are there any specific requirement? I am giving kernel-default-base and kernel-default packages for kernel.

I am not sure if this is correct forum for kiwi related queries. Please let me know if I shall post it somewhere else.