Kubernetes shows blank screen in rancher-ui

Hi Guys,

We are noticing this strange intermittent problem. Sometimes our users experience black screen on the kubernetes dashboard in rancher UI? Is there anything can be done to address?


How many nodes/pods etc do you have? Possible the default memory limits are too low for the amount of resources to show. What version of Rancher/K8s are you using?

right now, we could see kubernetes 4 nodes ec2 machines ( m4.2xlarge ) . these are automatically registered through auto-scaling.
rancher server t2.medium connected to RDS

rancher version - 1.6.10


Can you try upping the limits on the dashboard:

kubectl edit deploy/kubernetes-dashboard -n kube-system

Scroll down where it says 50m memory and change it to 300m, to see if this improves the situation.

Are you fronting rancher/server with anything? (lb/proxy)

Thanks @superseb we have made the required changes in both memory and CPU. Yes nginx container forwards requests to rancher.

We will wait to see if these changes help. Thanks for your help.