Opinions on types of Kubernetes cluster

Hi , I have played with Kubernetes for a while, now I have started a new Job where there is a new requirement for containerisation.
all will be bare metal (hyperV)

I’m interested in peoples opinions on the best type of Kubernetes clusters to use for production applications:


Pros: Easy to setup , everything done for you including adding an ingest

Needs Docker
seems a bit odd having containers within containers
Issue with V2.5+ deployments, only working at 2.4 (which does not support RHEL8) hitting cluster agent is not ready error seen when cluster does not have a node with worker role · Issue #29715 · rancher/rancher · GitHub

Native Kubernetes (Imported)

Pros: standard kubernetes cluster.
Will work and is manageable even if rancher is down.
Gives us the option to use a different management tool in the future.
No reliance on docker - just containerd.io
Easier to troubleshoot than RKE as there is one less layer of containers.

Cons: Creating a native Kubernetes cluster and adding nodes is more complex than RKE
Ingest controller needs to be setup manually (but once setup Rancher will use it)
Rancher is unable to monitor controller-manager and scheduler - Gihub issue 28023
Fewer config options via rancher available e.g you can’t change the registry or ingress via the GUI