LAMP Stack Concept from Old Fashion Hosting


For people like me who come from old fashion LAMP stack hosting concept, how does that work in Rancher/Docker world?

What container should I create? I don’t see a LAMP stack in Catalog.

I see MySQL, but what about Apache and PHP? Again, How that work in Rancher/Docker world? Please advice, thank you.

Good question. I couldn’t find anything in the old way.

Try the new way:

It’s nginx, if you follow the web server image all the way to Dockerfile in github:

According to the diagram, the new way seems to be composed as follows:

  • one docker image for load balancer (haproxy?)
  • one docker image for web server (nginx + whatever else)
  • one docker image for database (xtradb)
  • one docker image for filesystem (glusterfs)

Thanks for the hints. Appreciate that and will try it out. Have a good day…

You’re welcome. Yeah I like that example too, but we’re probably both better off moving on and looking for a good microservices in kubernetes example… (the reasoning being if you’re in (or been replaced by) a team and developing for a big monolithic application then there is still a lot of friction there if you are not doing microservice decomposition).

It’s actually looking like one-content-type/entity-per-microservice. Kind of intriguing if you’re from the Drupal/Wordpress world. Imagine that…

and probably jhipster is good for front end