Legacy network tools

I’m curious if I’m the only one who is not happy that the basic network tools like arp, netstat, ifconfig and route not still being included in the base OS. I know I can still install them:
net-tools-deprecated - Deprecated Networking Utilities

but it seems to me that they should still be there along with the other new tools and let the system admin decide which one they wish to use. These tools have been around for a very long time, still work and should not be discarded simply because there is a new tool out there.

Just my opinion.

All Distros are deprecating them , so they can remove them in next releases.
I can argue how working is ‘ifconfig’ for example - add an ip via "ip addr add’ and then check with ifconfig the result :slight_smile:
I still use arp tool and I didn’t know it is being deprecated. For netstat - we got ‘ss’ and it was more than once when I had to rely on ‘ss’ to check a port that is not used by anything (actually a kernel socket …)