What RPM owns netstat ? (SLE15)

I need to install netstat on my SLE15 servers but I cannot find netstat anywhere.
zypper search give nothing
package search from suse customer center same.

If some under SLE15 could run:
rpm -qf $(which netstat)

thanks in advance.

Hi Guillame, In Sles 15 and newer versions, the netstat command has been deprecated and is no longer recommended for use.

The alternative command you can use is ss (Socket Statistics). The ss command is more powerful and provides detailed information about network sockets, network connections, and routing tables.

Try ss --help

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OK thanks,
I’ll see what ss can do.

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Pkg info :

To install : zypper install net-tools-deprecated

Rgds, Eirikur.

Thank you for the solution.
ss support the same command line options I used with netcat.
Deprecated stuff will stay deprecated.
ss adopted!


I am unable to locate the netstat utility. I’ve tried using the ‘zypper search’ command, but it doesn’t yield any results. Additionally, when I attempted a package search from the SUSE Customer Center, I still couldn’t find netstat. To troubleshoot further, I kindly request any fellow Rancher users who are running SLE15 to execute the following command and share their mobilecric findings: ‘rpm -qf $(which netstat)’. Your input would be greatly appreciated in helping me determine if netstat is available in SLE15 or if there’s an alternative solution I can explore. Thanks

@aidenCallan Hi and welcome to the Forum :smile: as indicated above net-tools in SLE is deprecated and not available as net-tools-deprecated. You would need to use the unsupported package, but better to use ss. Is this because some script is calling netsta, if so update to use ss instead.

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