Live migration query

Hi Forum Members,

Is there a special requirement or settings required to successfully migrate fully virtualized Windows Server?
We have issues reported only on Windows Servers going to hang state(with CPU 100%) or crash after a migration.
sles11 sp4
ibm x3850
VMDP 2.3

Is there a best practice guide if any available for migrations to work?:confused:


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Hi Johnny121,

Welcome to the SUSE forums.

It’s been a week and no one has responded to your post. I’m sorry about that but since these forums are staffed by volunteers, we help wherever we can. If no one has responded, there is a good chance that, based on the information you provided, no one has any specific ideas how to help.

I’m not sure at this point how I can help but lets start by getting a few more details.

[]How many Windows Servers are having this issue?
]What version(s) of Windows Server are affected?
[]What were they migrated from?
]What were they migrated to (Xen?, KVM?)
[]How were they migrated? What tool did you use?
]When did the Windows Servers begin to experience issues: immediately?; after a period if time?
[]Can you provide some information about the resources allocated to the VMs?
]Can you provide some information about the hang or crash?

Before we can offer suggestions how you might overcome these issues we need to better understand what might be causing them.

Hi johnny121,

please let me add a question: which hypervisor are you using? KVM, Xen?

Generally, I’ve not come across any special settings required for this form of live migration (but I’m not usually dealing with MS Windows Servers VMs). But since we have few information on the actual VM environment, please allow me to mention that you’ll need to consider any external resources, those need to support the migration. Like providing proper network access, same/similar levels of CPUs, external devices that are attached to the VM etc.

Weirdest problem I can currently think of would be some license-checker that verifies the CPU ID and isn’t prepared for changes :smiley: