Load a second AutoYAST profile from disk

I am trying to use some code that has been posted to make teh autoyast process load a different profile file.

The code I have is :

<ask> <selection config:type="list"> <entry> <value>part1.xml</value> <label>Simple partitioning</label> </entry> <entry> <value>part2.xml</value> <label>encrypted /tmp</label> </entry> <entry> <value>part3.xml</value> <label>LVM</label> </entry> </selection> <title>XML Profile</title> <question>Choose a profile</question> <stage>initial</stage> <default>part1.xml</default> <script> <filename>fetch.sh</filename> <environment config:type="boolean">true</environment> <source><![CDATA[ wget$VAL -O /tmp/profile/modified.xml 2>/dev/null ]]> </source> <debug config:type="boolean">false</debug> <feedback config:type="boolean">false</feedback> </script> </ask>

The problem I am having is that I want to use this for a build from physical Media ( ie a DVD ).

It works fine as shown, but if the part1.xml and part2.xml are written to the root of the build DVD, how do I reference those files ?

I want to change the line that says :

wget$VAL -O /tmp/profile/modified.xml

To be something like :

cp /$VAL -O /tmp/profile/modified.xml

But I cant work out how to point at the file on the local build media that the build has just booted off.

I have tried :

cp ///$VAL -O /tmp/profile/modified.xml


cp cd:///$VAL -O /tmp/profile/modified.xml

but the fiel is still not copied.

Can someone tell me how to refer to a file in the root of the bootable build ISO or media or is there somewhere else in the structure that I can put these files that is easier to have autoyast refer to ?