Local and NFS Storage


I was doing some tests with Rancher v2, but I experienced difficulties on managing storage and attaching them to containers. I am newbie with kubernetes and Rancher v2 and I will be happy to get some help and info how I can get storage part working properly.

For now during my tests I try to get working storage provisioning on NFS server I have already prepared and another test I would like to try and get working is Local storage.

I use hetzner cloud instances and I am able to create multiple nodes using the hetzner connector. This part works very well, but storage part is still kinda problematic for me. A simple scenario: I run 3 nodes cluster and I want to have percona xtradb cluster saving data on persistent storage volumes (let’s say on local storages). Same is for Stolon for PostgreSQL Cluster. Next I want to test NFS storage storing Wordpress data there.

I will be happy if someone can give me more info and guide me thru the procedure for storages. We are probably going to use multiple dedicated servers in our cluster setup for now or using cloud options like Hetzner or digital ocean, but critical moment is the storage part.

Thank you in advance!

Ali Nebi

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I have the same problem with choosing a storage class. I installed the longhorn catalog app but the dashboard seemed insecure and experimental still so I removed it. I also tried openebs catalog app but no idea how to add it as a storage class.

Is there any tutorials how to add a storage for clouds that do not support the native storage classes?

Rook is probably your best bet right now, since it’s a CNCF project.

I wonder if this still the best option even after the release of hetzner volumes service https://www.hetzner.com/news/10-18-cloud-volumes/ ?


I did several tests with v2.1 and I got working NFS dynamic provisioning using nfs-provisioner-client. I installed it from catalog. With NFS it is very important to make sure that k8s instances can read/write to nfs path, meaning make sure to check squash stuff in exportfs :slight_smile:

About new hetzner volumes, yes, this is something that can be used and is preferred, but it depends on use case. For hetzner volumes i used following: https://github.com/stevenklar/kubernetes-hetzner-storage and it worked ok. You can give a try and do some tests as well :slight_smile:

Ali Nebi


@anebi thanks for the info!