Shared storage space across all nodes?

Hi All,

I am looking for a viable solution for shared storage across Rancher nodes for container access.

I did come across this discussion which “might” be a solution, but am wondering if there is any other supported solution at this time?

Also, I was looking through the Catalog (via Rancher Server) and did not see anything that might work as well.

Just a side thought, I was wondering if anyone has investigate IPFS ( or tried it?


3 Likes looks interesting, in the same vein, can I point you to



minio -->

flocker seems to be dead (or rather clusterHQ seems to be dead).

It’s also worth looking at the as the next version of rancher will be heavily based on k8s

PS - sorry about the fugly links, I guess I don’t even enough street cred to post more than 1 link atm

If you don’t need much IO, you can try NFS, but if you do, NFS is definitely not the solution, I mean, you can’t mount volumes from NFS directly to containers, you maybe have to sync NFS directory to another directory, then mount this one on your container.

I noticed a thread here about It seems to simplify setting up Ceph within a Kubernetes cluster; which would probably go very well with Rancher 2.0; or 1.6.x if you are using kubernetes with it. also looks interesting.

After 2.x, there may be more development on Rancher Longhorn as well.