Logspout: IPsec is rather chatty


I’m currently setting up syslogging to our central syslog server using logspout.
Right now our disks are filling up with logs from the IPSec containers. IPSec seems to be running in debug mode and is rather chatty.

With logspout it should be possible to add a environment variable that says LOGSPOUT=ignore to containers that should be ignored. Is it possible to add this environment variable to the IPSec containers? Or even better, turn the level of logging down a notch?

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I noticed the same in my implementation. I am currently trying to use the routesapi: https://github.com/gliderlabs/logspout/tree/master/routesapi to filter out containers…like r-ipsec* I have been unsuccessful so far.

I started using this image instead cdrx/logspout:rancher. This image excludes the system containers among other things. Seems to be working fine for our needs.