Longhorn Disk Node

Few Questions about the disk node

  • What components are require for disk node (not the Longhorn Control panel)
    Currently i am able to deploy my application at the same node side by side with longhorn control panel nodes , but i want them separatly say Longhorn Control panel in one node pool , application in another node pool is this possible ?

  • If disk node require to install those components, is that means we need to turn them all to Ubuntu Type OS?

Hi @VincentNgai welcome to the community!

  • You will need to run Longhorn in the cluster you’re using the storage. As far as I know it’s not possible to mount the PV’s outside the cluster except for recovery purposes. There are other storage solutions that allow you to run in separate (external) clusters like CEPH (External Storage Cluster - Rook Ceph Documentation).

  • I’m not sure what you mean with disk node and “those components”, but I believe there’s no OS restriction for Longhorn.

I hope I helped you into the right direction.