Looking for a way to freeze update state

Hi there,

i’m looking for a way to freeze update state or update to a state in the past.

Because we update and test our Stage and Test environments with new SLES Packages. If there are no problems and the mode seems to be stable, we would update our production environment to exactly this update state, but maybe 3 weeks later.
So what’s a good way to get only these update packages, which are older nut not newer than 3 weeks?


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YaST actually has this ability built-in.
This is what the “Staging” part of the SMT configuration Managment tool is for.
Essentially, what happens is you create a copy of your current patches, to a “testing” are, then copy that back to “Production”.
So, let’s say, for example, you want to freeze your SLES11-SP3 repo today. You click “Create Snapshot”, then “From Full Mirror to Testing”.
Then go back and click “Create Snapshot” again, then “From Testing to Production”.

Now, after this is complete, your servers that register to the SMT server will not get any newer patches.
If you want to use a test server, edit /etc/suseRegister.conf and change this line:
register = command=register

register = command=register&namespace=full

Then run “suse_register” again.
Now, this server will get any new patches that are released, but the other servers will not get them.
Occasionally, when you’re ready to “release” new patches, you’ll have to go in and use the steps above to create snapshot, copy full-test, then test-prod.

This should help too:

This should help:


Thank you very much.
I tested this feature, but i’m not happy with it.
It seem’s there is no way to freeze a state for a few machines?!

It will be nice to use SMT for all my servers, but use stage-prod feature only for some projects (server). But there will be no feature for my usecase?

I don’t think so. SMT might be quite powerful for many scenarios, but it doesn’t handle this. You might want to ask in the SUSE Manager forum if your use case is supported, but that product is not available for free.

Darn, this is one of reasons I miss solaris, could apply certain patches with specific versions easily… :frowning: