Offline Update


there is a way for me to download the Tree of Suse 11 SP4 updates.
Because we have multiple servers, we want to do a freeze on updates and not take up a lot of Internet bandwidth.


This is what SUSE Manager is made to do. Point all of your systems to
SUSE Manager, then give SUSE Manager your credentials, and everything is
managed from one place. As a software appliance its installation on bare
metal or virtual systems is easy (installs the OS and everything of
course) and lets you manage which boxes get which patches, when, etc.
This can let you do staging (dev boxes get patches today, staging after a
while, production only during a maintenance window for approved/tested
patches). It can also let you do things like PXE boot new servers and
have them build from SUSE Manger directly, so you get faster installs and
automatic setup with patches in a centrally-managed way.

There is also the Subscription Management Tool (SMT) which is a free
product that can do limited things in this area, but basically meets your
need by minimizing bandwidth to the outside world.

Good luck.

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