Looking for answers for "Failed Scheduling-0/7 pods have ports available

I’ve been learning rancher off and on for a few weeks. I have deployed various k3s clusters, including Raspberry Pi4s, x86 machines in the cloud, and my own local servers. I have scoured the internet many times but never found an answer to this question. It seems like it would happen to anybody, because I install Rancher with the simple script and then run the script for the agents. There are no firewalls anywhere, so that shoulnd’t be an issue.

I’ve been using helm to deploy charts, and occasionally one pod will Run. (Also all nodes are Ready.) But the rest of them are all pending, and on describing I get the “Warning FailedScheduling default-scheduler 0/6 nodes are available: 6 node(s) didn’t have free ports for the requested pod ports.” I’m not doing anything unusual, just installing k3s and helm and trying different charts. But they always fail with that error, no matter what architecture or cloud I’m using. Does anyone have any idea what causes this?


Never mind, I finally figured out despite the great amount of help I got here. I finally tried disabling the rancher-installed traefik service, and then everything started working. Now I have no more pending pods but they all work. Thanks very much for all the help.