Loss of Control

OK, what the hell is going on? Suse used to be solid! You press a button and something happens. Things have become very sloppy in recent distros. I have Firefox running an AOL Thread. I’m reading the headlines when the video starts up automatically. I press the stop video, and it continues. I press the eXit button on top and it stays. I have to hit the “ll” button on the video many times to stop it. What’s up with that? So it continues, and i press the “X” button on Firefox to exit many times. What the hell man? If I want the **** off! I want it off! I don’t want to have to press it 30 times until it finally goes off. If I cannot control my computer with the Linux operating system, please refer me to an OS that will work as described. I have been using Opensuse for over 15 years.

Master Rod

If this is for openSUSE you probably want to share this with the openSUSE
folks at https://forums.opensuse.org/ as this particular forum is for SUSE
Linux Enterprise, and is meant to provide support about the Customer
Center. There is an applications forum for SLED which may be
more-appropriate if you are using SLED, and if so please provide
information about your version of the OS, Firefox version, and the
specific URL to test.

With my openSUSE setup, closing out tabs, windows, etc. when a window is
running has never been a problem, but it could be a new type of video
(HTML5?) that you are seeing which behaves differently, so duplication
would be important so those details will help with that process.

Good luck.

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Moved thread to the SLED forums in case this turns out to be a SLED issue, but it does look like you should post over in the openSUSE forums http://forums.opensuse.org if that is indeed the product being used.