Lost Containers in Upgrade

I was running Rancher 1.1.3 on FreeNAS 11.1-U7 and decided it was time to upgrade rancher to 1.5.4. So I took a snapshot of my Docker.img and ran

sudo ros os upgrade

and rebooted, nothing changed, I was still on version 1.1.3 and all of my containers started up as expected. I dug deeper and and found out I had to change version and kernel on FreeNAS in the grub.cfg. After this it booted into 1.5.4 but all of my data was gone, containers, networks, etc. So I downgraded back to 1.1.3 and changed grub.cfg back. Rebooted and everything was still missing. So I rolled back to the snapshot I had created in the beginning and rebooted. Still nothing.

I’m a bit confused, I now understand that I should have created a volume from /var/lib/docker as a backup since it’s a rancher volume but I don’t understand how my snapshot didn’t bring everything back. All I can assume is even when I restored to 1.1.3 and rolled back the snapshot it is still recreating all of the rancher containers and volumes but I assume the original data is there somewhere. I hope it is anyway.

Thanks for any pointers.