LTS repos should be easier to use

Using LTS is a little bumpy…

1st, LTS repos are not mirrored once they appear for a given release. We might consider this as “normal” as we do not want random stuff to be mirrored automatically. But it might be nice if there was a feature that would allow those repos to be mirrored once they become available, since they contain important patches and since you’re paying extra for this, one could assume you’d also want to use it.

2nd, once the LTS repos are mirrored, they are still not active for the hosts with that base OS. Here I am wondering how to activate for all applicable client without a point-and-click orgy… (i.e. enabling the software channel manually one-by-one…)

I suspect that by “LTS” you mean SUSE Long Term Service Pack Support (LTSS) rather than Ubuntu LTS?

LTSS is a paid for extended support program with it’s own subscription so the associated repos are not automatically published when made available.

If you haven’t already seen How to assign Long Term Service Pack Support repositories to installed systems | Support | SUSE you may find it useful.

Yep it’s about LTSS.
We are now automating this using the Suma API.