Machine stuck in "removing" state

I have a machine stuck in the “removing” state.

here’s what I did…
I was doing some testing of adding and removing machines, due to no fault of Rancher, I ended up with a machine created in OpenStack, but spinning trying to come up in Rancher. I terminated the VM instance in OpenStack first, then deleted the “in progress” host in the Rancher UI. The host entry was removed properly, but the machine entry is still there, and I can’t delete it. I tried from the API view page, and using curl with the force=true option. The reason I need it gone is because my test tries to create and then remove the same host by name. So it continues to find that name in Rancher and won’t proceed.

Any ideas of how I can clean this up?

Have you tried going to the /v1/projects/<projectID>/machines page? This should provide you the list of machines?

Click on the id of the machine that you want to delete.
Click on the “Delete” button in the Operations section.
Click on “Send Request”.
Click on “Reload”. The state should be “removed”.

I couldn’t tell if you already tried those steps or not. If you tried those steps and it still is an issue, let me know and I can figure out what we could do in the DB to get you back to a good state.

I grew weary of trying stuff and just wiped my database and started over. Sorry, I should have updated this issue. I’ve been beating on this server for a while now, and needed to move it to another, more permanent sever farm.

Okay, if you get into this state again, just post another question!