Host stucked in removing state

I have some EC2 hosts running in my rancher environment. This morning I shuted down 3 of them, and removed them from my rancher infra, but one is still stucked in “removing”.

The 2 others have successfully been removed from my infra but the last one is still there but I can’t do anything with it.
I try to restart the EC2 but nothing happened rancher side.

Is the a way to force this removing?

Thank you for your help

Nothing new to fix this?

What version are you running?

There is a known issue in 1.1.x where your host could get stuck in removing. We’re aiming to address this in the next 1.1 release.

We are using the 1.1.3.
The host is always present in “removing state” (and the EC2 VM does not exists anymore)

@carinoob Yes, this is a known issue in 1.1.3 that will be fixed in 1.1.4. Your network agent is stuck in restarting state which causes the host to not be removed.

Ok, thank you, I’ll wait for the update ^^

Look here for a way to resolve this with your current version if you want to move forwards prior to the 1.1.4 release.