Managed container stuck in "Starting (Networking)"

I just started with rancher 1.0 and am unable to get a managed networking container started.

Tested this with Docker 1.10.3 on both Debian Jessie and CentOS 7.

I start up rancher/server and add my host with no issue. I then try to “Add Container” in Infrastructure->Hosts on a specific host with no specific options other than the image and name. The “Network Agent” starts up and gets an IP. The container then show “Starting (Networking)” and doesn’t get past that. If I create the container with “Host” or “Container” or “None” network, it is fine.

I’ve disabled ipv6 on the host machine but that didn’t help.

I thought it might have been a conflict on the subnet as I have some IPs in that range. After switching that in v1/settings/ and remaking the environment, that didn’t help the issue either.

Any ideas?

Can you provide the logs for your network?

Also, can you share the network agent logs from docker logs?

/var/log/rancher-net.log or /var/log/charon.log do not exist in the rancher agent container nor in the “Network Agent” container that gets spawned.

docker logs for the “Network Agent” is:
INFO: Downloading agent http://centos7ranchertest01v:8080/v1/configcontent/configscripts
The system is going down NOW!
Sent SIGTERM to all processes
Sent SIGKILL to all processes
Requesting system reboot
INFO: Downloading agent http://centos7ranchertest01v:8080/v1/configcontent/configscripts


Any ideas about how to get this working?

We seem to have be having the same issue as well.

Rancher 1.0.0
Docker v1.10.2
RHEL v7.2


On the host, can you try running

docker run tutum/curl curl http://centos7ranchertest01v:8080/v1/configcontent/configscripts 

{“id”:“eb542099-9dc1-43c5-8f2d-1e12ae4190e6”,“type”:“error”,“links”:{},“actions”:{},“status”:404,“code”:“Not Found”,“message”:“Not Found”,“detail”:null}

I need to do a bit more testing, but this might have been fixed after going to rancher 1.0.1.

Correction: the rancher version running is latest (1.1.0-dev1).

Added containers seem to start up correctly now on both a Debian Jessie and CentOS 7 box.

I have same issue. load-balancer_2, websocket-proxy_1, websocket-proxy-ssl_1, load-balancer-swarm_1 stuck on Networking…

Same issue here. I’m using Rancher v1.1.4. This begin happen after I’ve restarted all Network Agent containers from all of my hosts.