Migrate data into convoy

I’m wondering how to migrate existing volumes and data into a convoy volume?

Hi zauberertz,

There are two parts need to be done: export the data from existing volume, and import it to convoy.

You can use the way you like to export the existing volume, if you’re using Docker volume, you can create a tar file out of it.

And for importing into Convoy, after you created volume with convoy using convoy create <volume_name>, you can mount that volume locally using convoy mount <volume_name>, then Convoy would tell you where the mount path it. Then you can just e.g. untar the tar file you got from Docker volume and put the content of it at the mount path. After you get it done, remember to use convoy umount <volume_name> to umount the volume.

Now start the container with that newly created volume from Convoy, you are all set.

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Sounds easy, I’ll give it a try

Hi @yasker!
I’m new in convoy and devops, please give me some insight why when i mount volume with convoy mount to local directory i see lost+found… Using EBS driver.

Hi @ndelitski

Convoy would format volume to ext4. mkfs.ext4 would generate the folder. It’s in every ext4 filesystem. There are many articles talking about the usage of the folder, e.g. here