Migrating a SLES-11-SP3-for-VMware system to SLES-11-SP3

I can’t download TID-7015096-SLES-for-VMware-migration.tar.gz from https://www.suse.com/support/kb/doc/?id=000018363 Clicking on the link only refreshes the page. Where can I find this file?

Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Since SLE 11 SP3 is way out of support, likely removed. Let me ping my SUSE Contacts and see if it’s archived somewhere.

Thank you Malcolm. I found the file on http://dd.bigserwis.pl/sles/, but I’m not sure if I want to run the file on the production environment from some page.

I found the file on one of my old servers. The topic can be closed, I attach a file, it may be useful to someone.

As a heads up, I removed the file the your comment. While I’m sure it’s useful and not an issue, I don’t want to promote downloading unverified files.

Hi All
For future reference, the TID has now been updated and the missing tarball is now available (Many thanks to @HvdHeuvel).

Hello. It seems the tarball is not available anymore, could someone point me to the right repo for download?
Are there any other upgrade paths to update to SLES15 without reinstalling?
Thank you.

@Andrea Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Let me ping my SUSE contacts to see if it can be re-instated.

Hi, any news about this point?

@Andrea Hi, it’s on the users ‘TODO’ list but no ETA at present.

It looks like the file was still available at the link provided above. I’ve uploaded it again here.
Please do note that you are downloading and running a random file from the internet and there is no guarantee of any security or support when used!

Thank you atgracey, I agree with you, I also would prefer to download it from the original SuSE website, but if there is no other way, i’ll opt for it.
Personally, I think Suse should keep this tool online, because it gives the opportunity to upgrade the systems and dismiss obsolete ones. In my opinion It’s always a good strategy (both technical and marketing) to advertise that the upgrade path is possible and easy, even if the starting point is very old. This tools is essential to upgrade to newer versions.