Missing hard drive


I’ve just installed SLED11 under VM VirtualBox. When do a ls on the /dev, I expected to see the 2nd HD there as sdb but it is missing. Any help appreciated.


For the sake of clarity, could you say exactly which version? Current version is SLED 11 SP3. If you’ve installed SLED 11 rather than SLED 11 SP3, then I strongly recommend you get SLED 11 SP3. If you’re not sure which version you have the output of this will tell you.

$ cat /etc/*release*

When you say ‘the 2nd HD’ are you talking about a virtual disk that you have created and attached to the Virtual Machine, or a physical disk in your machine, or…other?
What’s the output of this run as root?

$ fdisk -l

When posting output of commands it helps a lot with readability to wrap it in code tags, look for the # button when composing the post.