Mixed x64-arm K3s deployment


I have a K3s cluster with RPi’s I deployed using the excellent tutorial written here: https://kauri.io/install-and-configure-a-kubernetes-cluster-with-k3s-to-self-host-applications/418b3bc1e0544fbc955a4bbba6fff8a9/a

I have successfuly deployed some more containers I created, and I even tried to deploy zoneminder without very much success, it crashes a lot and now it can’t even start again. But well, it is another problem.

Now I deployed a VM in my home QNAP with 4GB RAM and 2 CPU to improve things inside the cluster. I installed K3s on the VM. The problem now is that the nginx-ingress is in CrashLoopBackOff state in that container. I am suspecting it is because the image is for arm. (But it should work anyway, I think, as I have tried arm containers in my x64 local computer and worked like a charm)

Could this be deployed somehow in order for it to work? I was using the arm helm chart of nginx-ingress for it, as the tutorial explains.

This question should maybe be defined as “how to make the same deployment to work with different images, each one being the same application per se, but intended for specific architecture, and how to bind them depending on the hardware architecture”

Edit: Maybe the way to go is to make the QNAP understand the arm containers. But how?