Monitoring pvc free size space

I have cluster rke with different storage class, nfs, rook-ceph and longhorn.
Is possible monitoring pvc free size space with project monitoring (Prometheus+Grafana)?


Grafana has a Kubernetes Persistence Volumes dashboard here that you can add to Project Monitoring that can support this.

You can follow the Grafana docs to import the dashboard onto your Project Monitoring Grafana.

Thanks, if i understand correctly i can’t use rancher monitoring:

but I have to use a deploy custom prometheus-operator:

am I right?

Rancher Monitoring is powered by Prometheus Operator so you shouldn’t need to deploy a custom Prometheus Operator deployment.

To customize the deployment:

In Monitoring V1 (i.e. Monitoring enabled via Cluster Manager before Rancher 2.5), you can provide custom values as part of the Answers provided in Advanced Options.

In Monitoring V2 (i.e. Monitoring installed as an App from Apps & Marketplace via Cluster Explorer in Rancher 2.5), you can directly modify the values.yaml provided to the App by clicking on Edit As YAML in the Chart Options.

More information can be found in the docs:

I have rancher 2.4.4 with Cluster Monitoring (v1.1) and for one project i use app project-monitoring (v1.1).

Where can i find a config map of all the values i can use in advanced option?
Could you give me some examples?