New Monitoring Prometheus PVC doesn't work with glusterfs and rbd (ceph) - Rancher 2.2.1

in Rancher 2.2.1 is Prometheus has been integrated.
Via Tools -> Monitoring -> Cluster Monitoring Configuration -> Enable can be this enabled.
However, the problem is, that an error occurs when creating the Prometheus Persistent Volume Size.
The Persistent Volume Claim will not created!
It happens with glusterfs as well as with rbd:

"Failed to provision volume with StorageClass “glusterfs-distributed”: failed to create volume: failed to create endpoint/service cattle-prometheus/glusterfs-dynamic-933cf461-5b58-11e9-a250-c23ff94b92a7: failed to create endpoint: Endpoints “glusterfs-dynamic-933cf461-5b58-11e9-a250-c23ff94b92a7” is invalid: metadata.labels: Invalid value: “prometheus-cluster-monitoring-db-prometheus-cluster-monitoring-0”: must be no more than 63 characters"

Is there a solution to correct the length of the name?
Or is there a hotfix in planning?

THX Tino Brandt