Monitoring RancherOS via snmp

How do folks monitor their RancherOS installations? Anyone have SNMP working?

Apologies if I missed the monitoring section in the documentation, a pointer would be awesome!



There is not a SNMP daemon built in. Someone would need to create a docker container for snmpd that bind-mounts in the host’s /proc. Then you could run that as a container in RancherOS.

Hi @vincent ,

is there a documentation how to build os-services like snmp? I try to build a convoy plugin container and maybe more after that works…

Currently, there is no documentation on how to build os-services, but I’ve spoken with the team and putting Convoy into a container is not going to be straightforward. There are some known issues that we need to work out.

Hey @vincent @erichorne ,

I just set this up on 5 RancherOS machines and it worked right out of the box:

docker run -d --name snmpd --read-only=true \
    -v /proc:/host_proc \
    --privileged \
    --net=host \
    -p 161:161/udp \

Just note the default community this author built in is “secret”. It took me a few minutes to figure that out but after that this worked perfectly with no hacking or special config. You can fork the dockerfile and build yourself here if needed: