Rancher OS and docker-compose

Sorry for maybe OTA answer…i’m new to RancherOS.
Actually i use ubuntu and docker-compose to orchestrate docker container, i wolud switch to small SO like RancherOS, i suppose can’t use docker-compose into RancherOS…i see “ros service” command, that’s similar to docker-compose but I do not understand how it works, i can use docker-compose yml? i have tried with “-f compose-file” but nothing…i find no guide on this topic, someone, can anyone help me?


Hi, did you install the server gui with:

sudo docker run -d --restart=unless-stopped -p 8080:8080 rancher/server

Wait a few minutes, then go you your RancherOS url on port: 8080, there you can register a new local host. After that you can download ranchor compose from the server gui, it’s on the bottom right. Install it anywhere on your rancher server.

I got the info from here: http://codywhite.me/installing-and-configuring-rancherserver-on-rancheros/

Dont forget the create some api keys, otherwise the ranchor-compose does not work!

Hope this helps


Running the internal rancher-server service works as well. Just run:

sudo ros service enable rancher-server
sudo ros service up rancher-server

If you want to see what services are available (not many), just run:

sudo ros service list

That’s all from a combination of the docs, and --help commands.

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That worked well, but how do I connect to an existing mysql mount with the data?