Most required case needs simple best practice guide by experts

Hi All,

Currently we are managing our things in traditional way. Most of our projects are in php-mariadb oriented. We are using galera and replicating master-master at our own. But its a pain …

We are thinking to use some docker things for this and rancher looks just awesome, it seems made for human.

So here is our simple case and is the case in most. Best practice and (more in terms of humans) is welcome…
Any existing video will be wow.

Thank you anyone trying to answer me here :slight_smile:

Well, I thought that should be quite easy and there must be some guide/videos for this most required scenario that I am not able to find…

or am I asking something typical :confused:

may be its too simple to bother answering, but trust me, this is the most required answer for beginners to start with rancher.

If it looks too simple to answer, somebody should reply.
If its a tough one, somebody should reply.
If its not possible, somebody should reply.

I’m sorry but I don’t think anybody has any idea what you’re asking.

Hey @vincent,
Thank you for just showing up here first :slight_smile:

well, sorry if I was unclear but my question is very first step for most of persons requires to jump into docker world. and i truly found rancher as best way to manage things. Problem is there is so many things available and yet I was not able to design my required architecture.

Well, question is simple.
I have a php-mariadb application where code has folder where user can upload his files also. So I need that folder (or even code if possible) to be persistent along with mariadb database. I am looking for high-availability and load balanced and scalable system to setup.

Till now, I checked all rancher tutorials from wherever i can collect. There is good stuff available but is in parts and for specific portions. I couldn’t find a complete guide to setup filesystem across hosts and persistent mariadb setup kind of tutorial or guide.

Really, it looks awesome to me how rancher is managing things and I do want to design my stuff with rancher. My most concern is to restart everything from pervious state if in case all hosts go down.

So far I found is but its for mariadb only and would be great if some explanation was there (in english) And again it does not looks like data is written on host somewhere or it is persistent.

Thank you again for at least showing up here.