Prefered way for this setup!


Great products, kudos !!

I am a bit confused to startup Rancher with my settings. So, here is my requirement and problem

Problem 1:
I want to create swarm environment, that, I can do with docker-compose.yml file. but how to I tell to fetch my recent git code and run composer install. Do I need to create separate image for my application. if yes, what should be my docker-compose content to create swarm in RANCHER.

My application is simple apache2, php-fpm-mariadb setup and, we are constantly updating code. We do want downtime free update of code. Is it possible with RANCHER and a guide is more than welcome. TIA.

Problem 2:
Does RANCHER on high-availability also setup to replicate volumnes? so if my user uploads a file and server goes down the same file can be retrieved from second server.

This (apache+php+mariadb+code on git) is pretty common, do we have any tutorial on this complete set? if yes, please provide link. That tells complete development => deploy cycle.

Better it its with load balancing …