Mount rancher-ui to the docker image that build from local source

Hi all,

I tried to mount custom rancher-ui to rancher docker container by using below cmd:
docker run --restart=unless-stopped -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -v home/ubuntu/ui/dist:/usr/share/rancher/ui rancher/rancher:latest
it worked
But when I build docker image from local source by using ./script/build and ./script/package and run cmd above, its not working. Rancher runs with default ui instead of custom ui.

I checked and realized it works with rancher/rancher:latest and not works with rancher/rancher:dev
Please help me

Thank you

Non-release builds default to using a copy of the UI hosted on our CDN and rebuilt whenever there’s a UI commit. You can change the ui-index setting to local to use the copy contained in the server image.

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Where can I find ui-index setting?
Does it in setting.go file?
UIIndex = NewSetting("ui-index", "local")

@vincent I’ve tried to change the ui-index setting to local but the web still runs with default ui

I’ve found it. its on build-server script. Thank you for your support :heart_eyes:

I have the same of question, the rancher ui run default UI when the ui-index setting to local. Please share me your solution If you have resolve it .Thank you