In the terraform rancher modules for AWS there is this line:

[...] docker run [...] -e DEFAULT_CATTLE_API_UI_INDEX=https://releases.rancher.com/ui/${api_ui_version} [...]


I googled quite a bit and found - nothing. What is that version supposed to mean? And do I have to specify it? (I think not, but then what are the consequences?) Why is that of interest to me at all? Where is a list of available versions? What happens when I specify a different version?

Kinda confused here :slight_smile:


api.ui.index is the setting for where to load the UI index.html that gets returned when you hit the server with a browser, which essentially determines what UI build you get.

Any setting can be changed using environment variables by setting CATTLE_<name to all caps, substituting dots with underscores> and adding DEFAULT_makes it overrideable by other sources (like the database).

In release builds a copy of the appropriate UI build is downloaded from our CDN and bundled into the release so that it works offline, and this particular setting is set to local which makes cattle serve the UI itself.

For non-releases, the default is to load the “latest” copy from CDN, which can be frequently updated separate from server changes.

so … if I get this right, if I want to specify this, I should need only “local” (for all releases) and “latest” for all others? :slight_smile:

that makes things way easier.

But I guess I’ll just leave it out.


Yes you can leave it out. The basis of those scripts is how we run things like try.rancher.com and it uses a copy hosted on our CDN.