Move cluster server on new ips

I have two servers the serverA ( running:

  • Rancher server
  • Rancher agent (etcd,Control Plane and Worker)
    and the Server B ( running:
  • Rancher agent (Worker)
    Now I had to change the ip address of each server in this way:
    Server A from to
    Server A from to
    After this I get from the rancher dashboard:

This cluster is currently Updating ; areas that interact directly with it will not be available until the API is ready.

and on the rancher server container I get this log:

[ERROR] ClusterController c-jvk8b [user-controllers-controller] failed with : failed to start user controllers for cluster c-jvk8b: failed to contact server: Get waiting for cluster agent to connect

What can I do in order to configure the new ips?
Thank you