moving from sled11sp4 to sles11sp4, subscription options?

hello people,
as you may know already, in the past i bought a 3-year subscription for sled11sp4. unfortunately, due to the sooner-than-expected end of the operating system life cycle, i haven’t really used my subscription for the last year, therefore, some applications already are in need of updates, upgrades and patches; and i can see them available but only for sles11sp4.

therefore, i have plans of moving to sles11sp4 and would like to purchase a subscription for patches only, like the one i had for sled11sp4. i don’t need phone support or all the bell and whistles for mainframes or virtual servers; i only want the ability to have the system up-to-date until the life cycle for sles11sp4 finishes in 2019/2022.

how much would the year (or 3-year) subscription cost would be when installing sles11sp4 in my computer?

thank you for your timely reply.



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ofvergara wrote:

how much would the year (or 3-year) subscription cost would be when
installing sles11sp4 in my computer?[/color]

The actual cost to you is determined by the reseller from whom you
purchase it. Find a reseller in your area and request a quite.

Kevin Boyle - Knowledge Partner
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