Need HELP with installing VMware on SLES 15!

Hello SUSE community!
I have been trying to install VMware on my system and have been getting errors such as needing gcc 7.5 which I fixed, but know VMware needs Kernel Headers for 5.3.18-22-default to be compiled and loaded into the running kernel. I see that with uname -r that that version is installed of course. I just don’t know how to find the kernel headers or should I say what command can show me that? Also how can I get these headers for my kernel version? I’m trying to get VMware going for a school project so I can install windows 10, windows server 2012, and an Ubuntu server so I can do Linux Server Administration. So far I have been learning a lot about SLES 15 and Linux in general which is awesome. I know we are eventually going to load SAMBA and do other projects as well. I just have to get this going and can use some help.

If you install the package kernel-default-devel it should give you everything needed to compile third party kernel modules (headers, syms etc). Once that’s done, run the vmware setup routine again. You are aware of kvm/qemu (my preference) and libvirt that are available out of the box for virtualization?

Thank You malcolmlewis for responding! I am aware of kvm, esxi, and libvirt coming with SUSE out of the box I saw these packages even before trying out vmware and am definitley open to trying them out. Heck I know esxi is a part of vmware. That being said im still a noob when it comes to trying out virtual machines with linux as my main os! Again thanks for the info on getting the kernel devel modules which I will try to get through YaST. I even saw a way to put in a yast2 …kernel sources command(dont remember the full command off the top of my head) and also update kernel after that too. I know that my school wants us to try vmware and I want to prove to my professor that I can install what he asks, of course I dont mind going over his recommendations. Sorry if im talking with a lot of passion as well. I am super busy with my full time job and being a full time student. I will just like others on this forum scrounge the internet for answers before pulling my hair out. I do know that its a part of the process and will try anything to get what I need going. Also I have to do this on my own since COVID made all of our classes online and dont have the resources of going to school and using their systems. Im running blind sometimes but I also love that I learn from this community and on my own as well. Just need a push in the right direction. Thanks to all that help.

UPDATE! I got VMware installed! malcolmlewis you are awesome! Thanks!