SUSE Enterprise 15 Desktop SP2 - Installing KVM or XEN?

Similar to this question “is it possible to install libvirt and qemu kvm from server applications module 15 sp2”, but for the Desktop.

Coming from openSUSE and just installed the Desktop version of SE. My question is, how do I install the QEMU/KVM package with this version, openSUSE already had it pre-installed. I do see the “yast2-vm - Configure Hypervisor and Tools for Xen and KVM” available in YaST2, but not sure if this will install all necessary packages?

I installed the above package, but when tried to install KVM it, “failed to install required packages”

What is it I’m missing to properly install KVM?

@Nasheayahu Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Well SLED is the desktop, unfortunately not designed to run server applications, the tools included are for remote management of virtual servers… You might be better of with VirtualBox or VMware.

The other option is to see if the openSUSE VirtualBox maintainer or GNOME-Boxes maintainer can help out by pushing to SUSE Package Hub.

Oh boyee, did I had the wrong conception of this version… VB is too slow compared to KVM, no experience with VMware. Is it possible I can manually install them and work properly? If not, looks like I will be going back to openSUSE just for KVM.

@Nasheayahu Hi, well you could try openSUSE Build Service packages, but there are numerous ones of course if you have other issues you will be on your own with respect to Support Requests :frowning:

Okay, thanks for your help, really appreciate it…

@Nasheayahu Hi, no worries, if you have issues, just post a new thread and will see what can be done :wink: