Rancher Prometheus monitoring with OpenEBS

Enabling Prometheus monitoring on Rancher v2.2.7 with Openebs results in

failed to provision volume with StorageClass "openebs-cstor-disk": Internal Server Error: failed to create volume 'pvc-cd35bce7-bbad-11e9-b663-94c6911b3bfa': response: Deployment.apps "pvc-cd35bce7-bbad-11e9-b663-94c6911b3bfa-target" is invalid: [metadata.labels: Invalid value: "prometheus-project-monitoring-db-prometheus-project-monitoring-0": must be no more than 63 characters, spec.template.labels: Invalid value: "prometheus-project-monitoring-db-prometheus-project-monitoring-0": must be no more than 63 characters]

I saw that the prometheus.persistent.useReleaseName was set to true. I see from 19410 to also set prometheus.persistence.name. Where and what do I set that to though? Thanks.

For others that may have this problem, at least on Rancher v2.2.7, after enabling Persistent Storage for Prometheus, click on Show advanced options at the bottom of the Cluster/Project Monitoring Configuration page , and set prometheus.persistence.name to any name and prometheus.persistent.useReleaseName to true.

I’ve configured this settings but unfortunately the ClaimName is not set as expected. Additionally I’ve not found the parameter prometheus.persistent.useReleaseName in the source code.

I use the last stable version 2.4.8 of Rancher and the version 0.1.2 of the monitoring app.

Screenshot 2020-10-20 at 22.03.45

I’m still getting the same with Rancher v2.5.7. I’ve tried to edit YAML during deployment and add:

  name: data

but it still doesn’t work, I always end up with name: prometheus-rancher-monitoring-prometheus-db-prometheus-rancher-monitoring-prometheus-0 and error:

must be no more than 63 characters