New SLES 12 VM without repositories configured


I created two new VM with SLES 12 using image in Azure gallery and a virtual network.
But I can not access to online update. Both ask for registration.

What is wrong ?


Gregory Borysiak

In a virtual network the routing is not properly configured by default and some of the SUSE infrastructure servers are not reachable. This is an Azure issue. For some unknown reason when the client ries to contact one of the unreachable servers it does not proceed to the next server, although it should. The issue in the client is not yet understood and needs additional investigation. The work around is to force a new registration in the client:

/usr/sbin/registercloudguest --force-new

In a fortuitous coincident a new support issue was opened today for a premium support instance and this finally revealed the root cause for this problem. The issue is related to bugs 937873 and 937880. A fix is on the way. The next images that will be released SLES 11 SP4 and SLES 12 will have the fix.

Thank you for helping, your solution solved my problem.

Is there any FAQ about Suse on Azure ?