NFS provisioner for storageclass?

I’m interested in using an existing NFS server for the default storageclass.

At the end of this page under ‘What’s Next?’ it suggests using NFS for a storageclass. In the Rancher UI for creating a storageclass, there is no ‘NFS’ provisioner, which just leaves ‘Custom’. Is there documentation somewhere specifying what parameters need to be specified, etc. to setup NFS as the default storageclass?

Also, since NFS is listed as one of the examples on the ‘Provisioning Storage Examples’, it would be great if the documentation gave detailed guidance on how to do this.

I think you are looking for this.

Also available via Rancher catalog.
After you installed this, the nfs volumes class is available.

Looks like, thank you!

It is beta right ? Would you advise it for a Production environment ?

It works fine I have just tested it on my test installation.