Adding Node Driver for NFS in Rancher 2.6.8

I a trying to install a node driver for NFS into Rancher 2.6.8, but I can’t get it to work, what is the best way to do this, When I want to add a storage class to my cluster the provisioner does not have nfs in the available drivers.

RKE1/2 & k3s come with the vanilla NFS storageclass built-in but you need to manually create the shares and export them. Then manually create the PV in the Rancher UI and bind it to the PVC. This is great for one off shares or existing shares.

If you are wanting a dynamic provisioning IE no manual work then the answer will depend on where the storage is coming from. Now your in luck because a lot of enterprise storage has jumped on the Kubernetes train. For example NetApp, EMC, Pure, TrueNAS/FreeNAS, etc have their own provisioner that handles all the manual steps listed above.

Note: It is very common that you still need to install a client NFS on your nodes. This is because most provisioner isn’t doing anything special with the actual storage (it’s just an NFS mount point) it’s just handling the admin side.

Thanks a mil, yes I have done that and it works, however I have just installed a new cluster which is on 1.26.1 and it was not longer there, on 1.25 it was there.