Nginx ingress controller as a LB service on rancher cluster?


We are trying to run nginx ingress controller on our Rancher cluster where there are different namespaces of other products. We only want the nginx ingress controller to look at a few namespaces inside the Rancher cluster since the cluster is shared among all. However, nginx doesn’t have the capability to look at multiple namespaces, it can either look at all namespaces or a single one. We cannot provide access to all namespaces on the Rancher cluster for the controller for obvious reasons. Hence we are tied to run it inside a singular namespace but another issue there is that we are running the controller as a Daemonset on our dedicated nodes because Rancher doesn’t support LB services and hence we cannot run our Nginx ingress controller as a LB service or with static ips which is a necessity for our application. With Daemonset it will atleast run on dedicated nodes where we can LB between them. Is there a way API gateway applications like ingress controller be managed better on a Rancher cluster or something that it supports? Our nodes are VMs.

@Mithil Hi see my response in